All Japan Masters Wrestling Tournament (Freshman division)

All Japan Masters Wrestling Tournament (Freshman division)

There are 3 members from our gym competed All Japan masters wrestling tournament freshman division on Sunday 11th of Jan.
All of three made finalist. Uchimura-san (Seiki Uchimura) won gold medal (1st place) for 76kg class tournament, Karl-ojisan (Uncle Karl / Kaoru Nakashima) won silver medal (2nd place) for 63kg class, my older brother (Toshihiko Miyoshi) won silver medal (2nd place) for 97kg class. Thank you for supporting them.

76kg class winner Uchimura-san won semi-final match on points, however he got a victory by a fall for tournament final match. Some of spectators said "Who is the guy?", "The muscular guy is strong." "He must be shoot fighter"(This comment by middle age MMA fan), etc. Anyway many people at the venue are talking about him as he shows how strong he is.

Defending champion (winner of tournament 2014) for 63kg class Karl-san lost tournament final match. His opponent competed heavier weight class last year (he was 3rd place, and lost against tournament winner who is professional MMA fighter) and obviously bigger than Karl-san. Anyway his opponent is stronger than him. He shed tears of regret, but he was very positive and said "Now I have a new goal for next year tournament."

My brother Toshihiko pulled a muscle in his right calf just before the tournament, but he stretch and shiko (stamp for a warm-up/Sumo style warm up) for recovering from his injury. Even under bad condition, he made final. It's very impressive.

All of three contestants from our gym (Uchimura-san, Karl-san, my brother) has different sports experience each. (Uchimura-san (Judo, MMA), Karl-san (American football),  my brother (Sumo)). Those other sports's experience is like money saving. However even if you have saving, you can't use them in other countries (other sports ) without exchange the country's currency ( adjusting how to use own sports experience to the other sports(wrestling)).
My brother couldn't exchange his saving well and couldn't use them. (he couldn't use Sumo experience well into wrestling match) 
Uchimura-san could use his saving without exchange different currency, and get some changes back and got free prize and honor. (It's like he use Japanese yen in US without exchanging US dollar, and he got what he want to get and he got some changes back even without exchanging currency, and get free prize and honor) 
Anyway what I want to say is Uchimura-san was too strong. (His Judo/MMA experience is too good and don't need to adjust for wrestling match. He just use his other sports experience into wrestling.)
Anyway I hope all of them compete again next year. Well done all of three members. (Uchimura-san. Karl-san, and my brother)

And I would like to say "thank you so much" to our gym members who came to support these 3 contestants. Your support gave a lot of power to them. 
I am very happy  that many members from our gym came to support them. 

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